Showdown X

What a festival! Last night was amazing. Absolutely amazing. We are exhausted. Congratulations to Prix Ultime winners Valipala and director Kaz Phillips Safer. We could not be more excited. Full lineup of all music video awards will be announced in the coming week. Watch this space.


The 10th Annual Silver Sound Showdown Music + Video Festival will return to Brooklyn Bowl on January 16, 2019. Silver Sound Showdown is actually two simultaneous events: it is a music video festival AND a battle of the bands. We usually showcase 21 of the best music videos and 4 of the best bands anywhere, ever. This year, in celebration of our 10th fest, there will be 25 music videos in competition!


The director of the winning music video is paired up with the winning band. Silver Sound produces them a music video worth over $10,000. Boom. Q: Where are the rules and regulations? A: Here


Featured Artists

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Winning Collaborations

These videos were created by festival winners and produced by Silver Sound